The life of a poor college kid is a tough one, and sometimes we have to make tough decisions: like selling our prized Lumpy Space Princess cosplay dress! All joking aside, I’ve put on a little weight in the hips so it doesn’t fit as comfortably as it used to, and though I do adore it, I figured it’s best to part with it now. Before I put it up on a site like eBay or I wanted to see if anyone here would be interested in it.

It’s in good condition, and I’ll re-wash it before sending. Only worn twice (at A-Kon 2013 and 2014). Commissioned to fit my measurements but will fit anyone who wears a women’s size M (size S may fit but could be a bit big). Asking price is $85 + shipping to the US, but you can haggle with me!

Message me if interested!

Selling my Is This A Zombie? DVD!

It’s the first season (13 episodes) dub from FUNimation. It has both blu-ray and regular DVD. 

I’m looking to sell it for $30 + shipping, but you can try to haggle with me if you have a good offer!

Please message me if interested.

Watching Love Stage!! on CR right now!


Just me.

AnimeFest 2014 line-up!

Fri —2P!America, 2Ptalia [art by spacedrunk] | Sat — Tetsuya Kuroko, Kuroko no Basuke | Sun — Maya Natsume, Tenjho Tenge

What will Monday hold?? Will I ever be there monday??? We just don’t know





I’m so sad about the state of the greyromantic flag

We didn’t have one for a loooong time, then there was a Homestuck one (which doesn’t seem very fair because we’re not all in that fandom), then nothing, then this really dark one that seems kinda bleak


I always loved cameronwhimsy's…

I actually like the current one because to me it looks nice and is really gently on the eyes. That’s just my opinion, though. I don’t think either of the flags you proposed are such a good idea, though, because it’s really easy to mistake them for the general aro flag just by glancing at them (especially because your first suggestion currently is the aro flag).

One of the problems with making a gray-aromantic flag is that you can’t model it after the gray-asexual flag because then it’ll just get confused for the aro flag every time.

I actually pointed out in the post how that was an alternative aromantic flag (there is more than one; this is the original one some people still use). I wasn’t proposing that as a flag, I said this alternative of the aromantic flag seems to better fit greyromantics in terms of color, and that the greyromantic flag should have a less dark color scheme

The greyromantic flag that people are trying to make a thing was proposing by someone who deleted their blog. Before that, I talked with them about brightening the colors and they had some other suggestions, but those got lost when they deleted

This flag is modeled after the grey-asexual flag, though. This just has an extra stripe

I see, my bad for misinterpreting your statement. The reason the original aro flag was changed was that it was too hard on peoples’ eyes, causing accessibility issues. I agree that the flag doesn’t seem to pop like the other pride flags. Do you think it would be better to try and edit the current one or to just start over?

Not all was lost with Lex deleting (, but it is an obstacle, definitely.

The current flag is close to the asexual flag, but not the gray-ace flag ( The ‘recipe’ for making the gray-ace flag doesn’t really work when applied to the aro flag.

That’s fine, honest mistake. shades-of-grayro posted the lightened version (tho idk if it could be considered hard on the eyes, I’m not good with those things) and socialjusticearcher made a post with random unclaimed flags 

m bad, I was looking at the asexual flag, which it’s still pretty similar to in terms of dark colors in a similiar form, only with an added part on this flag